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Student safety initiative which enables students and others to confidentially report potential harm or criminal activities aimed at students, teachers, staff or other school employees.  An early warning system in our schools to thwart tragedies before they occur. Created as a result of the Student Safety Act (183 PA 2013), focus is on early intervention and prevention.
Submit tips 24/7 by telephone, text, email, mobile application, and via a web-based form.  Tips can be filed on a wide range of issues, including planned school attacks, weapons at school, assault, bullying/cyberbullying, threats, gang activity, and more.
Upon receipt of a tip, specially trained operators at the Michigan State Police will address the immediate need and, as necessary, forward the information to the appropriate responding law enforcement agency or organization.  Most tips are expected to go to schools and local law enforcement agencies, but in some instances, tips may go to local community mental health agencies or the Michigan Department of Human Services.

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